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February Favorites

January flew by, and was marked by a season of new beginnings. I packed up everything and moved to New York, met my incredible roommates, settled in, and began this wonderful, new adventure. The world continued to change, with a new presidential leadership, continued vaccine distribution, and the faint hope that one day, the nightmareContinue reading “February Favorites”

Why NYC?

Can you believe I’m only one week away from moving across the country and beginning a new journey in New York? It feels like time has gone by so fast, and yet, not fast enough as I eagerly await what’s next for me in the Big Apple. Since announcing my intentions to move to NewContinue reading “Why NYC?”

Welcome to my blog!

“London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.” – Dorothy Parker Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, A Darling in NYC! My name is Jules, and I am so excited to be takingContinue reading “Welcome to my blog!”

About Me
Woodland creatures help me get dressed each day. I befriend customer service representatives and hum when I’m put on hold. I wear a lot of headbands and attract a lot of glitter. And most of all, I believe stories exist in the most uncommon, fun places if we’re bold enough to find them!
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