A Darling Out of NYC (For now!)

If there’s anything I’ve learned about life after graduating college, it is that there is no “how-to” guide or clear roadmap on what to do next with your new excessive amounts of spare time. As a Type A personality, I thrive off to-do lists. Even while I was in undergrad, I had an ongoing list of all the classes I needed before graduation and would literally cross them off after finals. I’m used to having guidance, structure, and a plan for everything, so you can imagine how 2020 threw me in for a loop.

My 2021 has been marked by trying new things and getting outside of my comfort zone. I moved from Southern California to NYC, opened two tourist attractions in the city, and met so many new friends. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and even more about the world in the process. There’s been times where the growth and realizations have been painful and challenging, but I’m genuinely excited about where I’m headed. I can’t even begin to explain how much I’ve grown in this year alone.

New York City is the most special place in the whole world, and I have loved living here. However, it is with a full heart that I will moving to Orlando, FL for the next six months to work at the Walt Disney World Resort as a Disney College Program cast member. This has been a dream stored in my heart for so many years, and I’m so excited to work at another Disney park. Because of COVID, my Disney journey ended abruptly, and I’m not going to waste this second chance at making magic, storytelling, and savoring the fun and whimsicalness of the Walt Disney World Resort. Throughout my program, I’ll get to witness so many iconic new beginnings for the Resort, including the 50th Anniversary Celebration, the opening of the Ratatouille ride, and Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. Stay tuned for my role and location reveal soon!

It’s my intention to move back to NYC in February when the program concludes, but until then, I hope you’ll stick around for A Darling at Disney instead.

See ya real soon,


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